The Art Hub | Art Programs and Mentoring
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THE ART HUB, is an non for profit organization that works in various communities, focusing on providing  youth with art programs primality to inner city young men.  Today there are many  youth male and female in our communities that have a  passion for the arts, but have no outlets to develop their passion for the arts or learn new art forms . The Art Hub provides this outlet along with challenge students creativity by providing  students from all walks of life with ways to exercise their artistic ability, socialize, and creative develop skills that they will use going forward in life.

The Art Hub is committed to the youth within the communities we serve. You can joint us in our commitment by making a donation to support the arts thru the link below.

If you have any queries regarding our organization or about up coming projects, please feel free to contact Al Huggins at [email protected].

Art Programming

• Art Classes for children and adults.

• These classes are designed to discover, improve and master your own artistic abilities.

• Whether you are simply having fun, finding relief from a stressful day or expanding your artistic skills. Our classes are the beginner arts to the advanced arts.


The Art Hub Mentoring program is designed for young men setting out to show chivalry is not dead. The program areas of focused will be Etiquette, Entrepreneurship and Arts.

Community Support

The Art of Life program is designed to help understand key elements of life, better eating habits and introduce various art forms to lives of young people.